NASMHPD Annual 2017 Meeting

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NASMHPD held its Annual 2017 Meeting on July 30-August 1, 2017, in Arlington, Virginia. Presentations from the meeting are available below:

Meeting Materials:

Final Agenda

NASMHPD Strategic Plan

Participant List

Publications of Interest

Policy Statement on Tobacco Cessation in all Behavioral Health Settings

Information on the A Historical Overview of the Origin, Purpose, and Impact of the Mental Health Block Grant (MHBG): A Two-Part Webinar Series

Tennessee's Public-Private Psychiatric Delivery System: A Joint Plan of Action


Sunday, July 30, 2017

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Helping People Move from Inpatient Settings to the Community 

  • Paul M. Grant, Ph.D., Aaron T. Beck Center, Perlman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania

Beyond Beds: The Continuum of Care as a Public Health Approach                                                             

  • Doris Fuller, Chief of Research and Public Affairs, Treatment Advocacy Center, Arlington, Virginia (Moderator and Presenter)
  • Debra A. Pinals, M.D., Medical Director of Behavioral Health and Forensic Programs, Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, State of Michigan
  • Edgar Wiggins, Executive Director, Baltimore City Crisis Response, Baltimore, Maryland
  • Kevin Martone, L.S.W., Executive Director, Technical Assistance Collaborative, Boston, Massachusetts

NASMHPD Commissioner and Division Breakouts

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: Strengthening the Public Health Safety Net

National Trends and the Role of State Mental Health Commissioners As Seen by Former Commissioners

  • Katharine (Kate) Lyon, Ph.D., Former Director of the Department of Mental Health, Department of Children and Families, State of Florida
  • Barbara Leadholm, Former Commissioner of Mental Health, State of Massachusetts
  • Gina Eckart, Former Director of the Division of Mental Health and Addiction, Family and Social Services Administration, State of Indiana

International Initiative for Mental Health Leadership (IIMHL)

Timely Competency Services: Washington State's Journey to Meet the Constitutional Mandate of Trueblood v. DSHS

  • Carla Reyes, Assistant Secretary, Washington State Department of Social and Health Services
  • Nick Williamson, JD, Assistant Attorney General, Washington State Office of the Attorney General

Washington Update

  • Stuart Yael Gordon, J.D., Director of Policy and Communications, NASMHPD, Alexandria, Virginia
  • Al Guida, J.D., President and CEO, Guide Consulting Services, Inc. Washington, D.C.

Primary Prevention of Criminal Justice System Involvement: A Facilitated Discussion 

Monday, July 31, 2017

Opening Remarks

  • Lorrie Rickman Jones, Ph.D., NRI Board President
  • Tim Knettler, M.B.A., C.A.E., Executive Director/CEO NRI, Falls Church, VA

National Trends in Inpatient Psychiatric Beds

  • Ted Lutterman, Senior Director of Government & Commercial Research, NRI, Falls Church, VA (Moderator)
  • Ron Manderscheid, Ph.D., NRI Board member and Executive Director, National Association of County Behavioral Health & Developmental Disability Directors
  • Lynda Zeller, NRI Board Member and Deputy Director, Michigan Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities Administration
Trends in Forensic Patients in State Psychiatric Facilities: 1996-2016
  • Vera Hollen, M.A., Senior Director of Research & Consulting, NRI, Falls Church, VA 
Competency Evaluation and Restoration: Washington State Experience 
  • Carla Reyes, Assistant Secretary, Washington State Department of Social and Health Services 
  • Nick Williamson, Assistant Attorney General, Washington State 
  • W. Lawrence Fitch, J.D., Adjunct Professor, University of Maryland Law School and Medical School

 Lessons Learned from Two States Successfully Exiting Settlements 

  • Kristin Neylon, M.A., Research Associate, NRI, Falls Church, VA (Moderator)
  • Donna Migliorino, RN, NE-BC, MPH, Deputy Assistant Director, Office of Olmstead, Compliance, Planning and Evaluation, NJ Division of Mental Health and Addiction Services
  • Domenica Nicosia, M.S., Research Scientist, Office of Olmstead, Compliance, Planning, and Evaluation, NJ Division of Mental Health and Addiction Services
  • Melissa A. Smith, M.A., Planner, Delaware Division of Services for Aging and Adults with Physical Disabilities

Rapid Science to Service: First Episode of Psychosis Programs

  • Mihran Kazandjian, M.A, Research Associate, NRI, Falls Church, VA (Moderator)
  • Robert K. Heinssen, Ph.D., ABPP Director, Division of Services and Intervention Research NIMH 
Challenges and strategies for implementing early intervention for psychosis in rural county systems 
  • Adriana Furuzawa, LMFT, CPRP Division Director, PREP - Prevention and Recovery in Early Psychosis, BEAM - Bipolar Early Assessment and Management, Felton Institute 
  • Phillip Hershon, Peer Support Specialist, PREP - Prevention and Recovery in Early Psychosis, San Mateo, CA

Effective peer-led crisis alternatives to hospitalization

  • Missy Rand, L.P.C., C.S.A.C., Clinical Quality Educator, NRI, Falls Church, VA (Moderator)
Peer Respite Services
  • Laysha Ostrow, Ph.D., M.P.P., Founder and Chief Executive Officer Live & Learn, Inc. 
Forensic Peer Bridger Program
  • Robert Eilers, M.D., Medical Director, New Jersey Division of Mental Health and Addiction Services Department of Human Services
  • George H. Brice, Jr., MSW, Assistant Professor and Trainer, Supported Employment and Education Specialist, Coordinated Specialty Care at Rutgers University Behavioral Health Care

Leveraging existing data to depict strengths & opportunities to improve the continuum of care

  • Lucille Schacht, Ph.D., Senior Director of Performance & Quality Improvement, NRI (Moderator)
  • Sheri Dawson, R.N. Director, Division of Behavioral Health Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services 
  • Linda Wittmuss, Deputy Director, Systems Integration, Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services
  • Timothy Santoni, M.A., Administrator, Data Management, University of Maryland School of Medicine Department of Psychiatry

Serving Individuals with Complex Care Needs and High Costs in a Changing Healthcare Environment

  • Joe Parks, M.D., NRI Board Member and Medical Director, National Council for Behavioral Health (Moderator) 
  • Richard G. Frank, Ph.D., Margaret T. Morris Professor of Health Economics in the Department of Health Care Policy at Harvard Medical School 

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Dialogue with SAMHSA

For all biographies, please click here.

  • Kana Enomoto, Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary, SAMHSA, Rockville, Maryland
  • Paolo Del Vecchio, M.S.W., Director, Center for Mental Health Services (CMHS), SAMHSA, Rockville, Maryland
  • Fran Harding, Director, Center for Substance Abuse Prevention (CSAP), SAMHSA, Rockville, Maryland
  • Kimberly A. Johnson, Director of the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment
  • Marla Hendriksson, M.P.M., Director, Office of Communications, SAMHSA, Rockville, Maryland
  • Mirtha Beadle, M.P.H., Acting Director, Office of Policy Planning and Innovations (OPPI); Director, Office of Tribal Affairs and Policy, SAMHSA, Rockville, Maryland
  • Dr. Anita Everett, Chief Medical Officer; Director, Office of Policy Planning and Innovations (OPPI), SAMHSA, Rockville, Maryland
  • Larke Huang, Ph.D., Director, Office of Behavioral Health Equity, Office of Policy Planning and Innovations (OPPI), SAMHSA, Rockville, Maryland
  • Brian Altman, J.D., Division of Policy Innovation (DPI); Acting Director of Legislation, Office of Policy Planning and Innovations (OPPI), SAMHSA, Rockville, Maryland
  • Christopher Carroll, M.Sc., Director, Health Care Financing and Systems Integration, Office of Policy Planning and Innovations (OPPI), SAMHSA, Rockville, Maryland

Keynote - The Honorable Judge Steve Leifman: Keeping People with Mental Illness Out of Jails and Implications for Services

  • Lynn Fallin, Deputy Director, Behavioral Health Administration, Department of Health, State of Hawaii (Moderator)
  • Carrie Slatton-Hodges, Deputy Commissioner for Treatment and Recovery Services, Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services, State of Oklahoma
  • Tracy J. Plouck, Director, Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services, State of Ohio
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