TA Coalition Webinar: Alternatives to Police Response for People in Mental Health Crisis - Ideas, Barriers and Ways to Work to a Solution

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A SAMHSA sponsored webinar presented by The National Disability Rights Network (NDRN), took place Thursday, June 24, 2021 at 2:30pm Eastern Time called “Alternatives to Police Response for People in Mental Health Crisis – Ideas, Barriers and Ways to Work to a Solution”


Description: While a problem that has existed for much longer, the events of the last year has greatly increased the discussion occurring throughout our country on alternatives to police response to emergencies involving individuals with serious mental illness.  These discussions have included both non-police projects and programs that involve both police and mental health providers.

This webinar will first explore one alternative being used and discussed in many parts of the country, the CAHOOTS program.  The webinar will then turn, using the real life experiences of two advocates on opposite ends of the country, to some issues that need to be considered when discussing these alternatives, barriers to a solution, and ways to work together to achieve a successful outcome.  This will be followed by a question and answer time period.



•Tim Black, Director of Consulting at White Bird Clinic

•Cherene Caraco, Founder of Promise Resource Network (PRN)

•Héctor Manuel Ramírez, service on the board of directors for Disability Rights California and the National Disability Rights Network as well as the California Behavioral Health Task Force and the Los Angeles County Measure J Reimagine LA Advisory Committee.



If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact Kelle Masten via email at kelle.masten@nasmhpd.org.


Thank you!


**We do not offer CEU credits however letters of attendance are offered upon request.  

***Closed-captioning is available for this webinar. 



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