TA Coalition Webinar: Centering Racial Equity: The Role of Sustained Community Partnership in Behavioral Health

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A SAMHSA sponsored two-part series webinar presented by the National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors, took  Monday, January 24, 2022 from 1:30-2:30pm Eastern Time (Part One) and Tuesday, January 25, 2022 from 1:00-2:00pm Eastern Time (Part Two) called “Centering Racial Equity: The Role of Sustained Community Partnership in Behavioral Health”.  




Discussions about dismantling racism in healthcare and other systems and how they have strongly emerged from recent societal crises. To be effective, these conversations must move beyond defining racism-mediated problems and concepts, to the implementation of equitable solutions. This webinar provides a framework for understanding racism and its impacts, but also boldly equips leaders and stakeholders with strategies for embracing racial equity as a systemic value. Of central importance to valuing racial equity is moving beyond time-limited projects to longitudinal, community-centered partnership. This webinar provides strategies for engaging the community, building alliances, and sustaining partnerships in service to the health and wellbeing of marginalized populations. Through examples and case discussion, racial equity will be centrally applied to the most pressing behavioral health issues.


Learning Objectives

By the conclusion of this webinar, the engaged participant will be able to:

Meaningfully apply the concept of racial equity to behavioral health issues of national concern. 

Describe an approach to centering race equity work in a current or envisioned partnership.  

Build on the examples of national exemplars with a commitment to longitudinally engaging equity as a value in future work.



•Morgan Medlock, MD, MDiv, MPH, is a convener, educator, and clinician who is passionate about designing equitable, community-centered behavioral health interventions. Since completing adult psychiatry and health policy training at Harvard Medical School in 2018, Morgan has served in academia, local government, and on a national stage, advocating for a more just system of care for marginalized populations. She is the lead editor of the volume Racism and Psychiatry: Contemporary Issues and Interventions, which has become a resource for anti-racism work at institutions across the country. She is also adjunct faculty at Howard University College of Medicine where she researches strategies for centering the history and experiences of communities of color in substance use disorder interventions. Morgan previously served on the District of Columbia’s Opioid Fatality Review Board and as Chief Medical Officer/Director of DC’s Crisis and Emergency Services. 



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