TA Coalition: The Intersection of Mental Health, the Corrections System, and Individuals who Identify as LGBTQ+ and who experience SED/SMI

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A SAMHSA sponsored two-part series webinar presented by the National Federation of Families, will take place Tuesday, March 22, 2022 from 2:00-3:30pm Eastern Time (Part One) and Thursday, March 31, 2022 from 2:00-3:00pm Eastern Time (Part Two) called “The Intersection of Mental Health, the Corrections System, and Individuals who Identify as LGBTQ+ and who experience SED/SMI”.  

Webinar Link: https://nasmhpd.adobeconnect.com/intersectionofmh_reg/event/event_info.html

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The number of individuals who identify as LBGTQ+ who are incarcerated has become disproportionate to the overall population of persons who are incarcerated. This is especially notable for individuals of color. Estimates are that these persons are ten times more likely to experience sexual assault while incarcerated.  For the population that experiences SED/SMI, the mental health needs are reported as largely unmet, and many are released from detention/correction facilities with poorer mental health than was evident upon admission. This webinar will explore the many dimensions of support that are needed to create a safe, supportive environment for this population and will also delve into the explanations for why these individuals experience disproportionate incarceration rates.

Using a “table talk” format, this session will share the experiences of one man who identifies as LGBTQ+ and who has been incarcerated on several occasions. These experiences will be contrasted with the cutting-edge programmatic development that is occurring at the District of Columbia Jail. 

This session will be followed shortly by an intimate dialogue with the presenters, allowing participants the opportunity to dig deeper into this topic.




•Joan Gillece, Ph.D., Director, Center for Innovation in Health Policy and Practice for the National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors 

• Raul Almazar, R.N., M.A., Senior Public Health Advisor (PT) for the National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors 

•Randy Killings, M.S., Director, Rainbow House

•Beth Jordan, M.D., CCHD, Medical Director, DC Correctional Unit


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