Joy Hogge, Ph.D.

Submitted by admin on Tue, 03/22/2022 - 07:22

Joy Hogge, Ph.D., has been the Executive Director of Families as Allies in Mississippi since 2011. She is the parent of a twenty-year-old son who has managed a life-threatening medical condition since the age of three.  Together they have traversed different systems and challenges and learned a lot about self-advocacy and their love and trust for each other along the way.  

Dr. Hogge is keenly interested in policy and system change that supports and engages as many families and recipients of services as possible.  She has been a pioneer is moving systems towards a greater focus on the importance of family voice and support Dr. Hogge serves on the board of the National Federation of Families and has received local and national awards for her work.   

Dr. Hogge is a licensed psychologist and will be forever grateful to the families who patiently taught her about family-driven care as she did that work.  She received her Master’s degree and PhD from Texas A and M and has worked in the field of mental health, with an emphasis on program development, policy and advocacy, for 30 years.