NASMHPD's Vision, Mission and Guiding Values


Mental health is universally perceived as essential to overall health and well-being with services that are available, accessible, and of high quality.


NASMHPD serves as the national representative and advocate for state mental health agencies and their directors and supports effective stewardship of state mental health systems.

NASMHPD informs its members on current and emerging public policy issues, educates on research findings and best practices, provides consultation and technical assistance, collaborates with key stakeholders, and facilitates state to state sharing.

Guiding Values

Recovery and resiliency are the overall goals and certain fundamental values guide NASMHPD in its mission:

  • Person and family centered
  • Integration of health and mental health services
  • Attention to prevention and early intervention
  • Community integration
  • Emphasis on diversity

NASMHPD Priorities

  • Integration of health-mental health
  • Workforce
  • Financing
  • Changing/evolving role of SMHA

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