NASMHPD's Technical Assistance Coalition Assessment Papers

This work was developed under Task 2.1.1. of NASMHPD’s Technical Assistance Coalition contract/task order, HHSS28342001T and funded by the Center for Mental Health Services/Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration of the Department of Health and Human Services through the National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors.

Assessment #1 - Enhancing the Peer Provider Workforce: Recruitment, Supervision and Retention (PDF 1,002 KB)

Assessment #2 - Applying Medicaid Flexibility to Improve State Design of Benefits to Meet Significant Behavioral Health Needs of Young People (PDF 860 KB)

Assessment #3 - Forensic Mental Health Services in the United States: 2014 (PDF 548 KB)

Assessment #4 - The Impact of the Older Adult Mental Health Workforce Shortage on the Public Mental Health System (PDF 542 KB)

Assessment #5 - Delivering Behavioral Health Services in the Community (PDF 745 KB)

Assessment #6a - A Series of Three Parity Checklists for State Mental Health Authorities: Contemplation, Implementation, and Full Implementation (PDF 282 KB)

Assessment #6b - Parity Implementation: A State Best Practices Guide (PDF 364 KB)

Assessment #7 - Mental Health Block Grant 101 (PDF 1,115 KB)

Assessment #8 - Financing the Integration of Behavioral Health: Three Cases Studies:  Texas, Oklahoma and Georgia (PDF 916 KB)

Assessment #9 - Revenues (PDF 1,438 KB)

Assessment #10 – Expenditures (PDF 1,302 KB)

For more information please contact David Miller, Project Director, NASMHPD.